Monday, August 23, 2010

mini beef sliders

while dining at cafe muse a few weeks ago, i enjoyed two excellent free range, organic beef sliders: one with grilled balsamic onions and gruyere cheese, the other with exotic mushrooms and boursin cheese. this inspired me to make some at home, though i didn't take the pains to add mushrooms or onions, and i settled for munster cheeses. ingredients:
1 pound ground free range beef
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
2 tsp freshly ground garlic
6 slices munster cheese (any cheese) - fold or break to fit small burgers
6 whole grain dinner rolls (or other roll of choice)

1. fire up the grill to medium heat
2. mix beef, pepper, and garlic in medium-sized mixing bowl
3. divide mixture into 6 equal parts
4. form into small patties
5. grill on lowest rack until desired doneness is reached
6. add 1 slice of cheese to each burger, and place halved rolls on top rack of grill. for a propane grill, kill the flame and close lid for several minutes
7. place on dinner rolls, and serve!!!

i recommend two sliders per person :-) i actually kept two burgers for later (did not add the cheese). i microwaved them at work and added cheese - made for great leftovers!!

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