Thursday, January 20, 2011

homemade cleaning products

while cleaning products aren't exactly delectable edibles, they are most easily formulated in one's kitchen :) and hence i have chosen to share my adventures in making and using them here on this blog.

my aunt-in-law bought the book the naturally clean home for me. i have made several recipes thus far, and will share them, and an assessment of them, later. i'd like to dedicate this blog to the supplies i have procured thus far and the costs of each. i was happily surprised to find that most supplies are super cheap!!!

dr. bronner's castile soap (tea tree) $11.99
20 mule team borax (4 lb) $4.29
arm & hammer washing soda (3 lb) $2.89
arm & hammer baking soda (2 lb) $1.99
lavender essential oil* (1 oz) $10
lemongrass essential oil* (2 oz) $7
lemon essential oil (1 oz) $5.89

*bought some of the essential oils a while back, and don't recall the prices with certainty. and, while it may seem expensive to pay several dollars or more per ounce, the quantity really does go a long way. many formulas require only several to twenty drops of an essential oil... they last forever!!

i still need to find soap flakes and/or glycerin in order to make the laundry detergent that i have in mind.

i bought the essential oils at a local natural foods store. the other agents were available at the chain grocery store. surely whole foods and such places would carry dr. bronners products.

i also picked up some spray bottles and small plastic buckets with lids at home depot. the dollar store has spray bottles as well, for half the price of what i paid at home depot. as for the buckets - i bought 1/2 gallon buckets for < $1 each, and lids to go with them, also less then $1 each. these are good for storing powder formulas, such as those for laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, etc.

and with that i will close for now. stay tuned for some recipes and adventures in using them!

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