Saturday, March 12, 2011

brown rice cereal (baby)

i am abiding by the book called super baby food in introducing solids to my baby (michael). i recommend this book for any parent who is interested in:

1. ensuring that baby is ready (physiologically) for solids, and

2. providing whole (non-processed) foods for baby, appropriate for a given age.

brown rice cereal recipe

1/4 C brown rice (long grain, dry, uncooked)
1 C water

1. place rice in blender, and chop or grind for two minutes

2. place 1 C water in pan on high heat, bring to boil

3. slowly add the powdered rice to the boiling water and reduce heat to the LOWEST setting.

4. stir frequently with a whisk - ensure good mixing and prevent scorching, for 10 minutes

serving & storing:
1. start with 1 tbsp of cereal, and mix with breastmilk, water or juice to desired thickness (given that i waited until michael was capable of swallowing, there was no need to thin it out - i added a small amount of breastmilk to improve texture)

2. the cereal can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days, or frozen for about 2-3 weeks. (in properly sealed containers)

1. don't stand near blenders/food processors when in use (avoid EMC)

2. ensure that you chop/grind the rice for 2 minutes - it creates extremely fine particles which enable a smooth cereal for the baby. as the baby ages, you may choose to make a more course cereal (chopping less).

3. be sure to provide some water (or breastmilk) for the baby along with solid food (the book "super baby food" provides good guidelines for this).

*i will label all baby food recipes with "baby food" in an effort to segregate them from the conventional recipes on this blog!

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